Boxer in Blue


Boxer in Blue’s collection is characterised by its unique stylistic details. Our swimsuits feature collars, pockets, buttons and other individual twists that give them that classic retro look. The fashionable 20s with their long silhouettes… The elegant 50s with their characteristic collars… The free-spirited vibe of California in the 70s: a nod to the early Bond films.

Stylish, glamorous and sexy

Wendela de Goederen: “My swimwear is stylish and elegant – feminine, with simple yet classic lines. When it comes to dressing for the beach, wearing more rather than less is back in fashion! The diversity of the designs means they appeal to all kinds of women. The designs are timeless, but also ageless – which is exactly what I was going for.”

Soft and comfortable

What’s particularly interesting about the Boxer in Blue collection are the so-called “dry” swimsuits from old-fashioned terry cloth and piqué cotton. De Goederen: “As a child, I had one of these jumpsuits for the beach, if my bikini was wet or when it was a bit too cold. I absolutely loved it: it was soft, comfortable, and so easy to move around in. I wanted to recreate that feeling for adult women.”

High-quality Italian fabrics

The dry suits are multi-functional: you can sit by the pool, but because they cover you up more than regular swimsuits, you can also sit on a terrace or wear them on a boat. If it gets colder, you can pull your dry suit on over your swimsuit, without needing to get completely dressed. Of course, quality comes first. I use the best Italian fabrics, and all my swimsuits have a sun-protection factor of UPF 50+.